What we do for you

Provide a Single Insurance API integrated with all Insurance Comapnies

    Have you ever wondered why even after being Online, the conversion rate is so low. You are hardly able to sell Policy online. The Portal is just a lead generation tool. We at InsureAssist are always helping our broker partners and ease out their pain and put them on the path to GROWTH :

    • Data Mapping - We have the expertise in Mapping the Data across various parameters. You need not maintain any static data in your Excel/Tables, we provide you a easy to use API to access all the data mapped among all insurers
      • Nominee Relationship Master
      • Occupation Master
      • Health Insurance Declaration Question/Answer Master
      • Health Insurance Premium Master
      • State/City/Area Master
    • Now access all this thru our unique API called "BrokerAssistAPI". The advantages are
      • Easy to implement, takes just few hours to setup the entire API
      • No Need to Maintain any Masters
      • All future Upgrades free
      • Fully Cloud Based, Pay as you use
      • Start with as low as Rs. 1000/- per Month
      • Available for Health / Travel / 4W and 2W Insurance
      • Connects 20+ Insurer (You can choose which one you want)
    • Proposed in the future are -
      • Vehicle Registration Number
      • 4W Make/Model/Variant Master for all Insurer
      • 2W Make/Model/Variant Master for all Insurer